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     WQCH began in 1954 under the call letters WLFA, operated by Radio Dixie, Inc. - a partnership started by South Carolina newspaper and radio owner J.A. Gallimore and radio station manager, Charlie Gwyn.  Charlie later became sole owner and served as General Manager until his death in 1982.  Many folks remember waking up to his daily "Hank and Charlie Show".  "Hank" was a fictional (and non-speaking) character that got all the blame for Charlie's mistakes... that is, with the exception of transmitter troubles.  Those were usually blamed on a 'possom' getting into the works... and in our rural area, it actually happened once!

     Charlie's son, Rich, took over the Manager's chair and changed the call letters to WQCH in 1988.  WQCH stands for "Queen City of the Highlands"...a nickname for LaFayette that Charlie used on the air for many years.  The name "stuck" and LaFayette is still known today as the Queen City of the Highlands.

     Doug Williams has been with WQCH since 1983 as staff announcer and sales representative.  Doug completed studies at the Columbia School of Broadcasting in Atlanta... and started his radio career at WFOX in Gainesville in 1974.  He also worked at WGGA in Gainesville and at WAIM Radio and TV in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina before moving to LaFayette.  A life-long radio fan, Doug says he knew from age 15 that that's the career he wanted to pursue. 

    Charlie Gwyn was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame in ceremonies Saturday, Oct. 22nd at the Strand Theater in Marietta.  The Hall of Fame Legacy Award was presented along with a multimedia history of Gwyn's life and service to the community.  The honor was accepted by his children Barry Miller, Sandy Gwyn and Rich Gwyn.

                          Rich Gwyn

            DJ Earl Pledger spins those hit 45's on 
                "The Mighty 1590!" (Mid-60's)

Charlie Gwyn and DJ Frank Robinson help a local student
with her script for a public service announcement-(early 70's).

The 'Radio Ranch' today.  The station moved to this building near it's tower
site in 1962.  The original 1954 studio was located in downtown LaFayette.  The old location is now the north parking lot of First Baptist Church.